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Cakcophony Cake Portion Guide

Whether it is for a wedding, birthday or other celebration the last thing you want is to present the cake, cut it up and then find you don’t have enough cake to go round all of your guests! Use our cake size portion guide below to calculate how big your basic cake needs to be depending on how many slices you are going to need. Please bear in mind that portion sizes can be different person to person and the details shown below should be taken as a rough guide only and are based on what we consider to be average cake portions.

Fruit cake

The fruit cake portion guide is based on 1"x1" square slices, which is the traditional size serving for wedding cakes. You should allow extra if you want larger portions, for example if the fruit cake is to be served as a Christmas cake or birthday cake.  

Sponge cake

Portions are usually larger, about 2 inch x 1inch.  This means a sponge cake cuts into fewer portions than a similar sized fruit cake. Shapes such as ovals, hearts and hexagons will give roughly the same number of portions as a round cake of the same size. 

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